Top ZATCA E-invoicing Phase 2 Compliant Extension for Magento 2 Store

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Important characteristics of E-Invoicing (Fatoora) compatible with ZATCA Extension:

  • Compatible with Zakat, Tax and Customs authority to generate ZATCA e-invoicing QR code.
  • QR code shows the information of Seller Name, Seller TRN, Invoice Date & Time, Invoice Total (with VAT) and VAT total.
  • Generate QR code for verification by ZATCA compatible Apps (IOS/ Android).
  • Compatible with Magetrend and Mageworks PDF invoice.
  • Admin can check the same invoice with the QR code.
  • Highly compatible with 3rd Party Extensions/modules.
  • QR code for each Invoice sent to customers through email, Guest customer and login customer on the website.




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Are You a KSA E-commerce Company Seeking for Zatca Phase 2 E-Invoicing Solution?

Luckily! You are at the Right Place.

We understand why Saudi Arab’s eCommerce business owners are eagerly waiting for Zatca Phase 2 (Integration Phase) of the E-invoicing launch because their e-invoicing system depends on Zatca-compliant Phase 2.

Use our Magento 2 ZATCA E Invoice solution to enter the safe zone in the ZATCA compliant without requiring any new development. Enhance your e-commerce store's payment cycle to comply with ZATCA rules while offering clients an authentic e-Fatoorah in email or PDF format.

According to the requirements of Zatca KSA, the AALogics team's Zatca Phase 2 e-invoice with QR-Code officially implements QRCode in Magento email and PDF invoices. It offers an electronic invoice (Fatoorah) that includes all the bill's details, including the date, the name of the product, the order number, the overall amount, the billing and shipping addresses, the mode of payment, and the shipping address. Additionally, it includes the quantity, tax rate, and a QR code with details about your particular goods.

Phase 2 Solution for Reliable & Enhanced Zatca E-invoicing in Saudi Arabia

We offer fast, secure and reliable extensions for e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia which is 100% compatible with your Saudi Magento e-commerce store. We provide the Saudi Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) approved e-invoicing plugin with an integrated QR code.

Now it’s time to upgrade your company with our special KSA e-invoicing solution. Since ZATCA does not recommend any add-ons or extensions for creating e-invoices, If you require a Saudi Arabian provider of an electronic invoicing system. Your greatest option for an e-Fatoorah solution is AALogics.

What Is Phase 2 Of E Invoicing in Saudi Arabia?

In the second phase, all invoicing systems will have to be integrated or compatible with the ZATCA Saudi system. ZATCA will inform Saudi Arabia taxpayers at least six months in advance of the integration date. In this phase, taxpayers must integrate their systems of issuing electronic invoices and debit and credit notes with ZATCA’s systems to share data and information.

Since the launch of Phase 1 of ZATCA KSA e-Invoicing, AALogics has improved its understanding of numerous brands in complying to the requirements of ZATCA Saudi e-Invoicing and ensured a smooth generation of e-invoices. As one of the top suppliers of e-invoicing solutions, AALogics makes the procedure simple, eco-friendly, and confident.


ZATCA e invoicing phase 2 will be the game changer for the digital world in Saudi Arabia.

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