Magento 2 Supplier Feeds Extension - Automate & Simplify Product Data Import, Updates, & Supplier Order Management

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Boost your eCommerce efficiency with the Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) Supplier Feeds Extension. Automate product data import and updates from multiple suppliers seamlessly. This powerful extension supports:

  • URL,CSV, XML, API, FTP, and SFTP integrations
  • Accurate and real-time product synchronization
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Efficient supplier order management
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Effortless Magento store updates


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Maximize Your Magento 2 Potential: Seamlessly Configure and Supercharge Product Imports!

How it works

How it works

Manage Multiple Data Sources (suppliers)

In the manage data source (supplier) feed grid, you can add a new data source (supplier).

Key Features

  • Manage multiple data sources (supplier)
  • Add or delete data sources (supplier)
  • Export or import data sources (supplier)

Whereas in the Manage data source (supplier) section you can find multiple filters including ID, Status, Debug, Name, Contact, Email, Country, City, Address, Feed URL, Feed Access, Feed Format, Price Margin, Full Import, Feed Username, & Feed Password.

Data Source Statistics (Dashboard)

Magento data source (supplier) feeds provide complete dashboard to analyze product information from data source (supplier). These statistics help in understanding the performance, reliability, & quality of the data being integrated into your Magento store.

Report includes

  • Total Number of Configurable Products
  • Total Number of Simple Products
  • Number of attributes not mapped
  • Total expired products
  • Number of products without images
  • Total number of Out of stock products
  • Total number of data source (supplier) categories
  • Total number of data source (supplier) categories mapped
  • Total number of data source (supplier) categories un-mapped
  • Number of orders
  • Number of products
  • Total quantity ordered
  • Total order amount
  • Average order value
  • Last Crons Run time
  • Updated products count
  • New products count
  • Expired products count

Basic Information

In the basic information detail section, you can add the information related to the data source (supplier).

Key components of basic information include

  • Status
  • Debug
  • Name
  • Contact
  • Email
  • City
  • Address
  • Country

Data Source Information

Feed Information refers to the structured data provided by the data source (supplier) to Magento stores, enabling efficient updating of product listings. This data ensures that the store's inventory is accurate, up-to-date, & complete.

Key components of feed information include

  • Feed Access (FTP, SFTP, URL)
  • FTP Host
  • Feed Username
  • Feed Password
  • Feed Product Mapping Nodes
  • Feed Format (CSV, XML, JSON, SOAP)
  • FTP File Path
  • Additional Options
  • Get Categories Endpoint
  • XML Format
  • Get Category Products Endpoint
  • Price Format
  • Get Products Detail Endpoint
  • Feed Product Nodes
  • Price Magin %

Attribute Mapping

Attribute mapping is the process of aligning Magento's product attributes with the corresponding attributes from the data source. This ensures that the product data, such as SKU, Product Name, Price, Size, Quantity,Base, Color, Brand & other details, are correctly formatted & accurately transferred to the store.

Key Features

  • Ensure consistency
  • Customize mappings
  • Can add multiple rule column

Categories Mapping

Categories mapping involves aligning your magento store's product categories with the corresponding supplier categories. This process ensures that products are accurately classified when imported, enhancing their visibility & relevance on the target platform.


  • Map categories
  • Ensure accurate classification

Price Information

Here you can fill out the information related to the pricing. In a Magento data source (supplier) feed extension, Price Information encompasses the detailed pricing data for each product. The filters include Feed Column, Magento Column, Rule Column, Rule Value Column, & Action

Here you can add

  • SKU
  • Price
  • Special Price
  • Cost
  • Max Length
  • Regular Expression
  • Replace Values
  • Trim
  • Text
  • HTML
  • Concatenate String
  • Hardcided Text
  • Uppercase Value

Test Feed

In Magento product feed extensions, a test feed refers to a trial or sample data import that allows merchants to preview how their product information will appear when imported to the Magento store.

This feature enables merchants to verify the accuracy of data mapping, ensure that product attributes & categories are correctly aligned, & check the overall format & presentation of their product listings before making them live.

Test feeds help merchants identify & resolve any issues or discrepancies in their product data import process, ensuring smooth & error-free integration.

Key Points

  • Preview data
  • Import CSV: Sample Supplier Feed (1000 Rows)
  • Export CSV: Sample Magento Feed (1000 Rows)

History Logs

History Logs in a Magento product feed extension provide a detailed record of activities related to the generation & management of product feeds.

These logs track essential information such as the date & time of feed generation, status updates (success or errors encountered), changes to feed configurations, & other relevant actions performed within the extension.

Key Points:

  • Track feed activities
  • Monitor changes over time
  • Troubleshoot errors

Order mapping

Order Mapping refers to the process of integrating order data from various sources, such as suppliers, with the order management system in your Magento store. This process ensures that orders are accurately and efficiently processed, tracked, and fulfilled.

Here you can add

  • API Url
  • API Type (REST /SOAP)
  • API Method (Get/Post)
  • Order Params Format Type (JSON/XML)
  • Api For (Full Order / Order By Item)
  • Data Format

Admin configuration for cron jobs

Admin configuration for cron jobs in Magento involves setting up scheduled tasks that automate various system processes, such as cleaning cron frequency, full & new import cron frequcny, & other maintenance tasks.

Here’s a brief overview of how admin configuration for cron jobs works in Magento

  • Clean cron frequency
  • Expire products cron frequency
  • Full import cron frequency
  • New import cron frequency


Automated Inventory Updates
Automatically import & update inventory from multiple data source (supplier) feeds to ensure accurate stock availability without manual intervention.
Price Synchronization
Sync product prices with data source (supplier) feeds automatically, keeping your store's pricing competitive of the latest data source (supplier) costs.
New Product Integration
Effortlessly add new products from data source (supplier) feeds to Magento store, reducing time & effort for manual data entry.
Comprehensive Product Data Import
Import rich product information, descriptions, images, specifications, & other attributes from data sources to enhance your product listings.
Advanced Attribute Mapping
Map data source attributes to your Magento store product attributes accurately, ensuring consistency & reliability.
Customizable Data Source Feed Formats
Support various data source formats such as Google Sheets, FTP, SFTP, APIs, XML, CSV, TXT, allowing flexibility to accommodate different data source (supplier) feed structures.
Scheduled Feed Updates
Schedule automatic feed updates at regular intervals, ensuring your product data is always up-to-date without manual intervention.
Performance Analytics Reporting
Provide detailed statistics & analytics on data source (supplier) performance, helping you monitor metrics like stock, & product info.
Bulk Product Updates
Perform bulk updates on product information, significantly reducing time required for manual updates & ensuring consistency.
Data Source (Supplier) Management
Manage data source (supplier) feeds to ensure inventory, pricing, & product details are accurately reflected in your store.
Compliance & Accuracy
Ensure product listings comply with data source (supplier) agreements & accuracy standards by updating data according to data source (supplier) feeds.
Enhanced Dropshipping Support
Optimize dropshipping operations by automating updates directly from data source (supplier)s, ensuring accurate product, pricing, & details.
User-Friendly Interface
Easy-to-use interface for configuring & managing data source (supplier) feeds, making it accessible for users of all technical levels.
Vendor Management
Manage & monitor multiple data source (supplier) feeds, providing a centralized solution for handling data imports.
Improved Data Accuracy
Maintain high data accuracy by automating the import process, reducing manual data entry errors, & leading to better inventory management.
Seamless Multichannel Integration
Sync product data from data source (supplier) feeds across multiple sales channels, maintaining consistent product information.

Use Cases for Supplier Feed Extension

Automated Inventory Management

Magento 2 data source (supplier) Feeds Extension automates import of data source (supplier) inventory feeds, ensuring real-time updates on stock levels. This helps prevent overselling & underselling, maintaining optimal inventory levels without manual intervention.

Automated Inventory Management

Price Synchronization

Automatically updates product prices based on the latest data source (supplier) feed data. This ensures pricing accuracy, competitiveness, & protects profit margins without the need for constant manual updates.

Price Synchronization

Product Data Enrichment

Imports rich product data, such as descriptions, images, & specifications, directly from data source (supplier) feeds. This enriches product listings, providing customers with comprehensive information to make informed purchasing decisions.

Product Data Enrichment

Streamlined New Product Addition

Streamlines the addition of new products by automatically importing them from data source (supplier) feeds. This reduces the time & effort needed to manually input product data, accelerating the go-to-market process.

Streamlined New Product Addition

Automated Supplier Feed Mapping

Maps data source (supplier) feed attributes to the store’s product attributes automatically. This ensures consistency & accuracy across all product listings, regardless of data source (supplier) feed format differences.

Automated Supplier Feed Mapping

Improved Supplier Performance Monitoring

Provides comprehensive data source (supplier) statistics & analytics, offering insights into data source (supplier) performance, such as delivery times, stock reliability, & product quality. This helps in making informed decisions about data source (supplier) partnerships.

Improved Supplier Performance Monitoring

Enhanced Dropshipping Operations

Enables seamless integration of data source (supplier) feeds, ensuring that product availability, pricing, & details are always up-to-date. This supports efficient dropshipping operations by automating updates directly from data source (supplier)s.

Enhanced Dropshipping Operations

Compliance & Accuracy

Ensures that product data is consistently & accurately updated according to data source (supplier) feeds, reducing the risk of discrepancies & compliance issues.

Compliance & Accuracy

Optimized Promotions & Discounts

Allows for quick updates of product prices & stock levels based on data source (supplier) feeds, enabling the store to capitalize on data source (supplier) promotions & pass on discounts to customers efficiently.

Optimized Promotions & Discounts

Seamless Multichannel Selling

Ensures that product data from various data source (supplier)s is harmonized & synchronized across all sales channels, maintaining a cohesive product offering & brand experience.

Seamless Multichannel Selling


The Magento 2 data source (supplier) Feeds Extension is fantastic! It automates the import & update processes, saving us time & reducing errors. The support for multiple feed formats & the robust scheduling functionality are major highlights. Highly recommended!
Shashank Pratap
This extension has transformed how we manage data source (supplier) feeds. Easy setup, excellent support, & seamless integration with multiple feed formats. Our product data is always up-to-date, & the error logging feature is incredibly useful. A must-have for any Magento 2 store.
Melik Vardanyan
A game-changer for our business! The Magento 2 data source (supplier) Feeds Extension automates & simplifies feed management. It supports various formats & schedules updates effortlessly. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy for our team to use. Highly valuable tool!
Mohammed Aljarbua

Frequently Asked Questions

A data source (supplier) Feeds Magento 2 Extension is a tool designed to integrate & manage data source (supplier) data feeds within a Magento 2 eCommerce platform. It helps in automating the import & update of product information, inventory levels, & pricing from data source (supplier)s.

The extension typically works by importing XML, CSV, or other format data files provided by data source (supplier)s. It then maps these data fields to the corresponding Magento 2 database fields, allowing for automatic updates of product details, stock levels, & pricing.

Yes, many data source (supplier) Feeds Magento 2 Extensions are suitable for dropshipping. They help automate the import & update of product information from dropshipping data source (supplier)s, streamlining the management of a dropshipping business.

Yes, the extension allows you to synchronize product prices with the latest data from your data source (supplier)s, ensuring your store's pricing remains competitive & reflective of current data source (supplier) costs.

Absolutely. The extension can automatically integrate new products from data source (supplier) feeds into your Magento store, reducing the time & effort required for manual data entry & speeding up the listing process.

The extension includes advanced attribute mapping capabilities, allowing you to map data source (supplier) feed attributes to your store’s product attributes accurately, ensuring consistent & reliable product data.

The extension offers detailed statistics & analytics on data source (supplier) performance, helping you monitor metrics such as delivery times, stock reliability, & product quality to make informed decisions about data source (supplier) relationships.

Yes, you can apply various filters & conditions to refine the products imported & updated from data source (supplier) feeds, such as by category, price range, visibility, & stock status.

The extension features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to configure & manage data source (supplier) feeds, even for users with limited technical expertise.

Yes, most extensions offer customizable import rules. This allows you to define how data source (supplier) data is mapped to your Magento 2 store, including setting up filters, transformations, & schedules for automatic updates.

Yes, the data source (supplier) Feeds Magento 2 Extension usually supports integration with multiple data source (supplier)s. You can manage feeds from different data source (supplier)s simultaneously & apply different rules & schedules for each one.

Yes, you can schedule automatic imports. This feature enables you to set specific times for the extension to fetch & update data from data source (supplier) feeds, ensuring your store always has the latest product information.

Commonly supported file formats include XML, CSV, TXT, & JSON. However, support for additional formats may vary depending on the specific extension.

Yes, many extensions offer a preview feature. This allows you to review the data source (supplier) data before it is imported, helping you ensure accuracy & make necessary adjustments beforehand.

Yes, advanced data source (supplier) Feeds Magento 2 Extensions provide filtering & transformation capabilities. You can apply conditions & modify data (e.g., price adjustments, category assignments) before it is imported into your store.

Installation typically involves downloading the extension package, uploading it to your Magento 2 installation, & running a series of commands via the command line interface. Configuration is done through the Magento 2 admin panel, where you can set up data mappings, schedules, & other preferences.

Properly optimized data source (supplier) Feeds Magento 2 Extensions are designed to minimize performance impacts. However, the actual impact can vary based on the volume of data, frequency of updates, & server capabilities. Regular performance monitoring is recommended.

Yes, most providers of data source (supplier) Feeds Magento 2 Extensions offer technical support, which may include documentation, FAQs, email support, & live chat. It's advisable to check the support terms before purchasing or installing an extension.

  • Automated updates of product information.
  • Reduced manual data entry errors.
  • Real-time inventory & pricing updates.
  • Improved efficiency & time-saving in product management.
  • Seamless integration with multiple data source (supplier)s.
  • Compatibility with your Magento 2 version.
  • Support for required file formats.
  • Customization options.
  • Performance efficiency.
  • Availability of support & documentation.
  • Reviews & ratings from other users.
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