Adobe Commerce(Magento2) Dropship Business Extension for AliExpress

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Key characteristics of Dropship Extension include:

  • Importing all the products from Aliexpress to your Magento store in real-time.
  • Allow editing in the product before importing.
  • You can import multiple products from category pages.
  • Automatic order placement to Aliexpress.
  • Fetch all the variations of product size, color, material, etc.
  • Allow bulk operation to import Aliexpress products.
  • Provide Synchronization of each product with respect to images, reviews, descriptions, and so on.


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Boost Your Magento 2 Store Effortlessly Integrate, Import, & Automate AliExpress Dropshipping!

How it works

Configuration Guide

Go to the admin panel after login, Open the AAlogics (Stores) tab on the left side of the vertical bar.

Dropship Extension admin panel

Find the Dropship option under the AAlogics extensions. Once you open the dropship tab you will see many variables on the right-hand side. Enable the Module tab YES to enable extension and fill up the field correctly.

Fill out the Supplier Cron Settings

Input the proper frequency for importing the product from Aliexpress.

Order Settings

In the order setting fill out the necessary information like phone number and custom note.


After all these steps you are required to set the pricing formula.

Dropshipping Extension Shipping Configuration

Select the shipment method in configuration and save config.

Dropshipping Extension payment method

Select the payment method in the configuration and save the config.

Setup the Price Email Template Configuration

Fill in the necessary email template price and email you want to send.

Check out the XPATH DOM Configuration

Fill out the Price and Stock XPATH Node (Set DOM XPATH Node).

Install Chrome Extension

When all configuration steps are done, simply add the Chrome extension. Once you click on add extension it will go top right side of your browser and appear icon. After adding the Chrome extension go to and import products of your own choice with a simple one click.


Navigate to the for product sourcing. This Extension can import product descriptions, product specifications, product images, and galleries from the product pages to your Magento store.

Import products

Scrap any data from with hundreds of categories and thousands of products. Simplify your inventory handling by importing products effortlessly.

Import products in bulk from aliexpress

This feature lets you import multiple products from the category, each product is imported one by one and is assigned to the same category as they are on

Edit Product Data before Importing it into your Magento website

This feature lets you edit assigned categories, product names, price descriptions, variations, galleries, and media files, before importing products to the Magento store, giving the store owner complete control over how he/she wants to market the product on his/her store.

Place order automatically

The "Place Order Automatically" feature simplifies purchasing by automating order placement based on predefined criteria, such as inventory levels. This saves time, reduces errors, and ensures consistent stock levels, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Bulk Actions
Perform bulk imports and updates to save time and streamline management tasks.
Product Import
Import AliExpress products to Magento 2 including details, images, reviews, and variations.
Price Customization
Set pricing markup formula rules, min cost, max cost to determine imported products' selling prices.
Inventory Management
Helps in updating stock levels to manage inventory efficiently and avoid out-of-stock sales.
User-Friendly Interface
Suitable for both beginners and experienced dropshippers.
Time and Cost Savings
Automate dropshipping tasks to save time and focus on marketing and customer service.
Place Orders Automatically
Allows placing orders automatically.
Edit Product Features
Allows modifying product details before importing.

Use Cases of Magento AliExpress Dropship Extension

Seamless Product Importation

Using the AliExpress Dropship Extension, they can effortlessly import products from AliExpress, complete with images, descriptions, and pricing, saving time and ensuring a diverse product offering.

Seamless Product Importation

Automated Inventory Management

The extension automatically synchronizes inventory levels between AliExpress and the Magento store, preventing overselling and ensuring that stock information is always up-to-date.

Price Synchronization

Custom Pricing and Profit Margins

The extension allows setting custom pricing rules and markups, enabling the retailer to adjust prices automatically based on predefined strategies.

Product Data Enrichment

Efficient Order Fulfillment

The extension automates the order placement process on AliExpress, ensuring that orders are fulfilled promptly and accurately without manual intervention.

Streamlined New Product Addition

Bulk Product Management

The extension supports bulk product import and management, allowing the retailer to handle a large catalog of products with ease, making bulk updates and changes straightforward.

Automated Supplier Feed Mapping

Reducing Operational Costs

By leveraging the dropshipping model with the AliExpress Dropship Extension, the business can eliminate the need for holding inventory, thus reducing storage costs and related operational expenses.

Improved Supplier Performance Monitoring

Scaling Product Offerings Quickly

The extension allows for rapid expansion of product listings by importing a wide range of products from AliExpress, enabling the store to scale quickly and efficiently to meet market demand.

Enhanced Dropshipping Operations


I've tried several dropshipping extensions, and the Magento AliExpress Dropship Extension is by far the best. It offers robust features, and the integration with AliExpress works perfectly. Setting pricing rules and managing inventory is very intuitive. The extension has helped me scale my business without the hassle of manual processes. Highly recommend it to fellow e-commerce entrepreneurs!
Shashank Pratap
Exceptional extension! The Magento AliExpress Dropship Extension has streamlined my entire dropshipping process. The automated order placement and real-time updates keep my store running smoothly. It's incredibly easy to import products and manage them within the Magento interface. This extension has truly elevated my e-commerce business.
Melik Vardanyan
The best part about this extension is the automation. From product import to order fulfillment, everything is handled seamlessly. The real-time synchronization feature ensures that my inventory and prices are always up-to-date. The support team is also fantastic, providing prompt assistance whenever needed. This extension is worth every penny!
Mohammed Aljarbua

Frequently Asked Questions

A Magento 2 AliExpress dropshipping extension is a tool that integrates your Magento 2 e-commerce store with AliExpress, allowing you to import products, manage inventory, and automate order fulfillment directly from AliExpress suppliers.

To install a dropshipping extension, purchase the extension from a reputable provider, download the package, and follow the installation instructions provided. Typically, this involves uploading the extension files to your server and configuring settings in the Magento admin panel.

Yes, you can customize product titles, descriptions, images, pricing, and other details after importing them from AliExpress into your Magento store.

When a customer places an order on your Magento store, the extension automatically (or manually) places the same order on AliExpress and then ships the product directly to your customer.

Key features include easy product import, real-time inventory, price synchronization, automated order placement, customizable pricing rules and bulk product Import.

The extension synchronizes inventory levels between AliExpress and your Magento store, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overselling. Inventory updates are handled automatically based on the settings you configure.

Yes, you can set pricing rules and markup strategies to maintain desired profit margins. This can be done through the extension settings allowing you to apply fixed amounts or percentage markups to imported products.

Customer inquiries and issues can be managed directly from your Magento admin panel. You can communicate with customers, track order statuses, and resolve any issues related to dropshipped products.

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Supported Versions 2.3.X, 2.4.X, 2.4.6+
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Release Notes version 1.2.11 * Fixed Cron jobs to automatically update price and stock of simple products version 1.2.10 * Fixed Cron jobs to automatically update price and stock * added new configurations to handle price / stock updates
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