Product Scraper Magento 2 Extension

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Product Scraper Magento 2 Extension

Important Features Scraper Importer:

  • Import products from the supplier of your selection.
  • Add many and unique products attributes automatically.
  • Media and Description can be import of products.
  • The desired pricing formula can be set by Admin.
  • Import original, special, and discounted price.
  • Allow categories to the product automatically.
  • Allow complete product variation when importing.
  • Capability to display error messages when importing product
  • Simple to handle and upload product pictures.
  • Edit and Import.
  • Bulk import

Benefits Of Product Scraping Extension:

  • Make a complete store fastly and efficiently.
  • Import products from multiple sites from this single extension.
  • Product will be extracted as per your desired store.
  • Bulk importing of products save time and effort.
  • Customers get a wide variety of products in one store.




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Extract Products Smartly By Scraper Magento 2 Extension

Who doesn't want to make their online store gives revenue. Want to make a product that looks amazing on other store and wish that could be at your store. This Scraper Product Importer Extension makes your life easy by importing all products on multiple websites to your Magento store at one click. This extension allows the admin to bulk import of products to your store in very minimal time. This Scraper extension is an exceptional solution for your Magento store to grow some of the unique features of the import function. With one click, you can easily import all product attributes.

What Else Scraper Product Importer Extension Do:

You can not only import from limited suppliers but our extension can import products of your own choice. Our Magento 2 developers can customize this extension for you to make your need to fulfill and make you ahead in business. For now, you can quickly import products from Australian suppliers that are mentioned below.

We are giving support to our customers, let us notified about your desired supplier which you loved their products. *For import products from any website please fill this FORM.

*Note: We can add desired websites into our extension. It will take time on each website and will cost you depending on the website structure to add each website. 

Now it's time that all the Magento shop owners to select the Import Products extension for your store. It will support you to enhance the import process related to all types of products in your Magento 2 store. Also, you are able to download product images and variations easily to bring more attention to customers to your business.


Guide To Use

You can import products from any website with a lot of categories and products in bulk. 

Product Scraper Magento 2 Extension Api integration


Click add to your chrome button, to add scrapper extension to your chrome extensions from here. Once you are able to open the provided chrome page and add to the browser then open your admin panel and website.

Product Scraper Magento 2 Extension admin panel

This extension allows us to add multiple and unique attributes automatically.

Product Scraper Extension text fields

You will be amazed how smartly it will import products with detailed information including galleries, specifications, and many more to your product page.

Product Scraper Magento 2 Extension


It depends on admin that can change product pricing formula and cost.

Product scrapping extension cost estimations

Scrap complete prices that include discount prices, general prices, and all price variants with added markup.

Product scraper extension aalogics

When importing, the module will automatically generate and assign the category of the imported product according to the category that is assigned on the merchant website.


scraper module by aalogcs


You can perform a bulk operation to import many products and assigned by your category as they are on the suppliers store.

Scrapper Importer helps in bulk importing


After the order is set on the Magento store, the admin is allowed to accept orders automatically functionality that populates supplier's checkout with address and product for which the order was placed. The store owner must be logged in to the supplier's account.

Scrapper Importer extension for magento 2
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Seller: AAlogics

Type: Stable build

Updated: Yes

Categories: Extensions, products importer

License Type: Proprietary

Chrome Extension Link : Product Importer

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Release Notes

version 1.1.2

  • Added new fields for configurable products swatches i.e Img Swatches child product
  • Added new field for addition json i.e Additional Json
  • Fix importing of multiple simple products related to configurable product import
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