Adobe Commerce(Magento2) Product Import via Web Scraping | Streamline Your Dropshipping Business

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Import Products Into Magento From Any Website

Important Features Scraper Importer:

  • Import products from any ecommerce store of your selection.
  • Add many and unique products attributes automatically.
  • Import product media and descriptions effortlessly.
  • Admins can set custom pricing formulas.
  • Import original, special, and discounted price.
  • Assign categories to the product automatically/Manually.
  • Import complete product variations, including size, color, and other attributes, to create configurable products in Magento 2..
  • Pre-import data editing capabilities.
  • Efficiently import multiple products from category or search pages


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Hassle-free import from multiple websites

Hassle-free product import for your Magento store: effortlessly import from multiple websites with a single click using the Scraper Product Importer Extension.

How it works

Add Selectors

Configure Scraper Extension by adding selectors for your desired supplier website.

Install Chrome Extension

Install the AALOGICS Magento 2 product importer. As it is quick, easy, and free. Get instant access to Magento scraper extension directly from your browser.

Goto Supplier website

Navigate to the supplier website (e.g., website AliExpress) for product sourcing. This Extension can import product description, product specifications, product images and galleries from supplier’s product pages to your Magento store.

Import products

Scrap any data from the website with hundreds of categories and thousand of products. Simplify your inventory handling by importing products effortlessly.

Import products in bulk from supplier

This feature let you import multiple products from a category, each products is imported one by one and are assigned to the same category as they are on suppliers website

Edit Product Data before Importing into your magento2 website

This feature let you edit assigned category, product name, price description, variations, galleries, and media files, before importing products to Magento store, giving store owner complete control over how he wants to market the product on his/her store.


Scrape & Import Products
Scrape and import products effortlessly to streamline your inventory management.
Bulk Import Products
Import large quantities of products with a single click.
Edit & Import
Modify product details before importing
Configurable and simple products import
Enhance your catalogue with flexible import options.
Pricing Formula
Set custom pricing formulas for flexibility.
SEO: Images ALT Tags and Image Name
Scrape all the Images ALT Tags and Image Name.
Choose Attribute Set for import in Magento 2
Customize product details effortlessly.
Choose Categories for import in Magento 2
Enhance user experience with organized categories.

Use Cases for the Scraper
Product Importer Extension

Dropshipping Business Efficiency

Quickly import the latest products from multiple suppliers, saving time and reducing errors.

Bulk Product Imports

Effortlessly manage and upload large product catalogs, ensuring consistency and saving labor.

Up-to-Date Product Information

Easily update product details to reflect new inventory, enhancing customer satisfaction.

New Product Launches

Swiftly import new products, speeding up time-to-market and maintaining competitiveness.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Management

Aggregate products from various vendors efficiently, improving marketplace operations.

Market Research and Analysis

Import product data for comprehensive market analysis, gaining valuable competitive insights.


I was struggling with creating products in my dropship business, saw this extension and surprised to see that it solved my problem and on single click it imports all the data from my desired website.
Shashank Pratap
Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend this product to any ecommerce business owner looking to streamline their product data management. It's a game-changer! They have a very professional team to deal with.
Melik Vardanyan
I was able to scrape data from multiple websites in a matter of minutes. The tool handled complex product information, images, and variations with ease. What really stands out is the time-saving aspect. I estimate that this tool has saved me at least 10 hours a week, which I can now dedicate to growing my business. The value for money is exceptional and the support team has been responsive and helpful.
Mohammed Aljarbua

Frequently Asked Questions

A Magento scraper extension is a tool designed to extract data from any ecommerce website and import into your Magento-based e-commerce store. It allows users to collect information such as product details, pricing, description, variants and images quickly and efficiently.

The Magento 2 product importer extension, utilizing a Chrome extension, captures products in real time from eCommerce websites, including variants, and imports them into Magento 2 as simple or configurable products. It can also bulk import products from category pages and allows for easy editing via a user-friendly form before import.

The legality of using a Magento scraper extension depends on the terms of service of the target website and local laws regarding data scraping. It's important to review the site's terms and ensure compliance with legal and ethical guidelines, including adhering to the site's robots.txt file.

You can extract a wide range of data, including product names, descriptions, prices, SKUs, Categories, images and promotional details.

While some technical knowledge can be helpful, many Magento scraper extensions are designed to be user-friendly with intuitive interfaces. They often include visual data mapping tools that allow users to select data points without writing code. However, more advanced customisation may require some familiarity with web technologies.

You can export all scraped data in those formats which magento allows.

To minimise the risk of getting blocked, use features such as rotating proxies, random user agents, and rate limiting. Ensuring compliance with the site's robots.txt file and avoiding excessive request rates can also help prevent IP bans.

If the target website changes its structure, you may need to update the selectors or parameters in your Magento scraper extension. Or you can get this done by our developer.

Yes, support is available. But if there is some customisations required our expert will let you know.

Our Product Scraper Magento 2 Extension supports scraping from any ecommerce website, and we offer these scrapers for free with your purchase:


These websites have been thoroughly tested with our extension to ensure seamless product scraping. If you need support for additional websites, please contact us for a custom solution.

More Information
Supported Versions 2.3.X, 2.4.X, 2.4.6+
Hotdeal No
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Seller: AAlogics

Type: Stable build

Updated: Yes

Categories: Extensions, products importer

License Type: Proprietary

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Release Notes

version 1.1.2

  • Added new fields for configurable products swatches i.e Img Swatches child product
  • Added new field for addition json i.e Additional Json
  • Fix importing of multiple simple products related to configurable product import
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