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Important characteristics of E-Invoicing (Fatoora) compatible with ZATCA Extension:

  • Compatible with Zakat, Tax and Customs authority to generate ZATCA e-invoicing QR code.
  • QR code shows the information of Seller Name, Seller TRN, Invoice Date & Time, Invoice Total (with VAT) and VAT total.
  • Generate QR code for verification by ZATCA compatible Apps (IOS/ Android).
  • Compatible with Magetrend and Mageworks PDF invoice.
  • Admin can check the same invoice with the QR code.
  • Highly compatible with 3rd Party Extensions/modules.
  • QR code for each Invoice sent to customers through email, Guest customer and login customer on the website.




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ZATCA Compliant E-Invoicing Made Easy: Instant QR Code Generation, VAT Reconciliation, And Full Compatibility.

How it works

Advanced Zatca E invoicing Phase 1 Solution in KSA

ZATCA Phase 1 e-Invoice with QR-Code is the official extension from AALOGICS that implements QR codes in the email and PDF invoices as per ZATCA KSA specifications. It generates an e-invoice (Fatoorah) containing all bill details, including the Seller's Name, Seller's TRN, Invoice Date/Time, Invoice Total (with VAT), VAT Total, and a QR code with product information. Enable your business with our KSA e-invoicing solution today. AALOGICS is a top choice for e-invoicing solutions in Saudi Arabia, having helped multiple brands comply with ZATCA guidelines since Phase 1 release. AALOGICS ensures a seamless, eco-friendly e-Fatoorah generation process.

How it works

Install extension

Install the AALOGICS ZATCA Phase 1 Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) extension.


Go to the admin panel after login, Open the AAlogics (Stores) tab on the left side of the vertical bar. Find the ZATCA option under the AAlogics extensions. Once you open the extension tab you will see many variables on the right-hand side. Enable the Module tab YES to enable extension and fill up the field correctly.

Fill out the necessary information:

  • Seller Name
  • Tax Number
  • QR Scale
  • Details
  • Position

Admin Sales Invoice PDF with QR Code

This powerful tool enhances the sales invoice PDFs by embedding a QR code. The QR code contains the information of the seller’s name, TRN, Invoice date/time, Invoice total, and VAT total. Also, the PDF contains the info of invoice no, order no, date, organization name, address, city, email, VAT number.

Customer Order Invoice PDF with QR Code

This extension also generates compliant e-invoices with QR code to your customer order following ZATCA requirements in KSA. The PDF and QR code contain the same information as mentioned in the admin sales invoice. The PDF contains some additional information of the shipping and payment method.

Customer Email Order Invoice PDF with QR Code

Magento offers settings options, to change some basic look of the email templates, under Marketing -> Communications -> Email Templates. QR code for each Invoice can be sent to customers through email, Guest customer, and login customers on the website.


E‑Invoice ZATCA Approved
End-to-end compliance to ZATCA requirements.
QR Code Generation
Generate QR code for verification by ZATCA compatible Apps (IOS/ Android).
VAT Total
Easy VAT and E-invoicing reconciliation, Invoice Total (with VAT).
Fast & Quick Processing
Generate فاتورة in a fraction of a few seconds.
E Invoices Formats
Compatible with Magetrend and Mageworks PDF invoices.
Complete E Invoice Details
QR code shows the information of Seller Name, Seller TRN, Invoice Date & Time.
High Compatibility
Highly compatible with 3rd Party Extensions/modules.
Seamless Integration
Seamlessly integrates with your Adobe Commerce (Magento) store.

Frequently Asked Questions

ZATCA Phase 1 refers to the initial phase of the electronic invoicing mandate implemented by the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in Saudi Arabia. It requires businesses to issue, store, and report invoices electronically in a specific format to ensure compliance and transparency.

ZATCA Phase 1 came into effect on December 4, 2021. From this date, all VAT-registered businesses in Saudi Arabia are required to comply with electronic invoicing regulations.

All VAT-registered businesses in Saudi Arabia must comply with ZATCA Phase 1 requirements. This includes generating and storing electronic invoices and ensuring that the invoices meet the specified format and content criteria.

The main requirements of ZATCA Phase 1 include generating electronic invoices, storing them digitally, including mandatory fields such as the seller's name, VAT number, invoice date and time, and ensuring that invoices are tamper-proof and secure.

ZATCA Phase 1 covers both standard tax invoices issued to businesses and simplified tax invoices issued to end consumers. Both types of invoices must comply with the electronic invoicing regulations.

To generate a ZATCA-compliant electronic invoice, you need to use an e-invoicing solution that adheres to ZATCA's specifications. This includes generating invoices with all required fields, ensuring data integrity, and storing invoices electronically.

Yes, businesses must use software that meets ZATCA’s technical specifications for electronic invoicing. The software should be capable of generating, storing, and transmitting electronic invoices securely and accurately.

A ZATCA Phase 1 electronic invoice must include the seller's name, VAT registration number, invoice date and time, a unique invoice identifier, item descriptions, quantities, prices, VAT rate, and total amount including VAT.

Using an approved e-invoicing solution that includes features like digital signatures, encryption, and secure storage will help ensure that your electronic invoices are tamper-proof and secure, as required by ZATCA Phase 1.

Penalties for non-compliance with ZATCA Phase 1 can include fines, business audits, and other regulatory actions. It is crucial for businesses to ensure full compliance to avoid any legal or financial repercussions.

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Release Notes v0.0.4 * fixed alignment and spacing issues, add "Tax Information" in the default invoice v0.0.3 * added support for frontend guest / logged-in user invoice print pdf
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