Magento Upgrade Services 2 and 2.4

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If you want the latest technical features that are compatible with your Magento store then AAlogics is the right answer. we upgrade your online business to 1 to 2 or 2 to 2.4 as well. Our expert team of Magento developers helps you to achieve your goal.

Benefits of Magento Upgrading Services:

✅ Optimize page loading

✅ Payment gateway secured

✅ Engaging user experience

✅ Modernize checkout process

✅ The minimal integration extension time

✅ In-depth analysis of your store

✅ Enhance security

✅ Get latest features

Latest Version:

  • Magento 2.3.4 released on 29 of Oct 2019
  • Magento 2.4 released on 28 of July 2020

Let us know your requirement: what are you looking for in Magento 1 to 2 or 2 to 2.4? We deliver a free quote from our professionals.

Reasons to Upgrade Magento Services 1 to 2 & 2 .4:

Since Magento is an open-source eCommerce CMS, it implies that development is inevitable. Why not check it out at that point? Being the replacement of Magento 1, Magento 2 and 2.4 version offers a far-reaching set of new features, security improvements, and generally speaking better reliability. Accordingly, this can be an exciting time for organizations to use the advantages that Magento 2 has to bring to the table.

Get the amazing benefit of quick and easy Magento 2 upgrade services. We will cautiously accomplish through updating your information, the value of SEO, making the plan, and building custom functionality.

Security: Almost every release has some security bugs in it. Much of the time, another latest version incorporates all security patches from past updates. 

Performance Improvements: Very regularly, another design includes diverse performance enhancements accomplished by the optimization of platform code. 

Functional Fixes and Code upgrade: Our Magento group endeavors to enhance the platform code and if any of the features require modification, we can add fixes for you. 

Improve speed and Scalability: One of the essential reasons to go with upgrade services of your Magento store, that it can handle 10 million views for each hour. Magento 2 decreases the page load time by 30%-half.

Take a glance at our 5 Step of Magento Upgrade Service Process:

  1. Our first step is creating a duplicate application of your existing once. Then we start the upgrade process 
  2. We analyze deeply and explore your Magento store with respect to the database, themes, and other factors.
  3. After all requirement gathering phase is done we execute the Magento upgrade service.
  4. It does not stop here, Our Magento developers test each and everything, so no issue was left.
  5. Now your store is upgraded and ready to publish.



Q: What is better, move up to Magento 2, or move to Magento 2.4? 

A: It is commonly dependent upon you to choose whether they might want to move up to the most recent form of Magento i.e.; 2.4 (delivered in June 2019) or relocate to Magento 2. Yet, we propose that it is smarter to go for Magento 2.4 migration since it has many new releases and features and we already know that Magento will quit offering help for Magento 1 stores from June 2020.


Q: Do you guys upgrade to Magento's latest version?

A: Why not, we have a skilled group of Magento certified programmers who can move up to the Magento most recently.


Q: Does AAlogics install the most recent Magento security patches during Magento up-gradation? 

A: From up-gradation to the most recent Magento version, We guarantee that the most recent security fixes automatically gets installed. Thusly you don't need to stress over introducing the most recent Magento security patches. 


Q: Will I have the option to get a similar functionality that I had in the past? 

A: Latest Version of Magento has cutting edge functionalities than any of the past versions. Along with this, you can have the confidence to get complete store profitability. On the off chance that there is a core or theme customization required then our Magento experts will audit it first before proceeding with the Magento upgrade process.

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