Two-way synchronization between Magento 2 and Odoo ERP

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Two-way sync Magento 2 and Odoo

Magento 2 and Odoo ERP - Two-way synchronization 

Extension Features:

+ Customer - Two Way Sync
+ Product - Two Way Sync
+ Order - Two Way Sync
+ Purchase Order - Two Way Sync
+ Invoice - Two Way Sync
+ Shipment - Two Way Sync
+ Credit Memo - Two Way Sync
+ MSI - Multi Stock Inventory Integration

  • Real-time product and product categories sync from Magento to Odoo.
  • Sync of Magento configurable products as Odoo variants.
  • Real-time order sync from Magento to Odoo.
  • Bidirectional order status update.
  • Auto-generation of order invoice in Odoo when the order is invoiced in Magento.
  • Customer sync from Magento to Odoo.
  • Real-time inventory sync.
  • Tax Mapping.
  • Payment mapping.
  • Shipping carrier mapping.
  • The delivery for the order gets automatically done at Odoo’s end when the order gets shipped at Magento’s end.
  • Automatic synchronization of Tracking Id to Magento from Odoo once delivery for an order is generated in Odoo.
  • Compatible with Odoo POS, inventory will automatically sync at both ends Magento and Odoo during order/delivery at Mage

Dedicated Support For Odoo Connect For Magento 2

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  • Free 30 Days support
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Compatible with Magento 2.1.X , Magento 2.2.X , Magento 2.3.X , Magento 2.4.X 



Magento 2 synchronized with Odoo ERP

Let your e-commerce become effortlessly seamless

Its time integration brings improvement in automation. By bridging the gap between your Magento 2 website and Odoo ERP, you can rest easy that almost any data or info on your website ( including orders and customer information) is readily available on your Odoo ERP. It will allow you to be able to have an integrated system that is observable and workable via both Odoo and Magento 2 automated.


Pros of Two-way synchronization between Magento 2 and Odoo ERP

  • Experience updates of info real-time from both ends (Magento 2 and Odoo)

  • Lessened manual work as almost everything can be handled via Odoo

  • Database synchronization, from your inventory to your customers, exact amounts and figures are shown for better accuracy in operations


Control your Magento 2 Ecommerce from Odoo ERP

Bridging the gap or connecting Magento 2 with Odoo ERP is a step that has become necessary for improvement in operations. Speed and real-time updates are the key factors that determine a successful online business presence. As such, integrating online presence with internal operations is of utmost priority. The extension: Magento 2 synchronized with Odoo ERP is exactly that.

Synchronizing both ends, such that updates become seamless is a need, not an option for any online business. An online customer can literally have thousands of choices, and they all spring up with a click on google. That is why it’s imperative that the information on your website is accurate to the second, a feat only possible if Magento 2 is seamlessly connected with Odoo ERP via this extension.

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