E-Invoicing (Fatoora) compatible with ZATCA Magento 2 Extension

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Important characteristics of E-Invoicing (Fatoora) compatible with ZATCA Extension:

  • Compatible with Zakat, Tax and Customs authority to generate ZATCA e-invoicing QR code.
  • QR code shows the information of Seller Name, Seller TRN, Invoice Date & Time, Invoice Total (with VAT) and VAT total.
  • Generate QR code for verification by ZATCA compatible Apps (IOS/ Android).
  • Admin can check the same invoice with the QR code.
  • Highly compatible with 3rd Party Extensions/modules.
  • QR code for each Invoice sent to customers through email, Guest customer and login customer on the website.




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ZATCA Magento 2 Extension An E-Invoice Solution

ZATCA is one of the unique and extraordinary Magento 2 extension that is an e-invoice solution provider that helps in calculating the Zakat and Tax of the particular product. It provides an e-invoice (Fatoora) that contains all the information of the bill including the date, product, order number, grand total, billing and shipping address, payment, and shipping method. It also contains the price, discount amount, tax, quantity, and a QR code that have the information of your specific product.

Best ZATCA e-Invoicing (Fatoora) In Saudi Arabia

From 4 December 2021 E-Invoicing (Fatoora) will become necessary in KSA. With the help of ZATCA Magento 2 extensions, an electronic invoice (Fatoora) can be easily issued, transmitted, received, processed, and archived electronically. AAlogics offers the best e-Invoicing (Fatoora) ZATCA software in Saudi Arabia.

AAlogics is considered one of the best E-invoicing solution provider. Now small and large businesses in Saudi Arabia can use AAlogics ZATCA Magento 2 extension an e-invoicing solution Fatoora to help the customers of their online shops to follow the ZATCA rules and regulations. To explore more about the e-invoice ZATCA extension read the features below.

Configuration Settings Guide:

After login now you can see Magento admin dashboard, you can see the Left sidebar.
1) First click on the Store
2) Click on 'settings' from the configuration panel.
3) Then you will see the 'AALOGICS' option click on it.
4) After the aalogics drop-down menu you can see ZATCA click on it.
4) Now open 'ZATCA' there are some fields that appear to fill them according to your information. Example: Seller name and VAT Registration Number.
5) Click on 'Save config' button on top right side process.

E-Invoicing (Fatoora) compatible with ZATCA Magento 2 Extension

Magento offers settings options, to change some basic look of the email templates, under Marketing -> Communications -> Email Templates.



Q. Does it supports the Arabic Langauge?
A. Yes it supports Arabic and English only.

Q. Are you using some plugin for invoice pdf?
A. It works with the default Magento invoice.

Q. Does it work with email invoices?
A. Yes.

Q. Does it only add the QR code and VAT number too?
A. Yes, it adds a QR code along with VAT number, seller name and instructions too.

Q. Want to scan ZATCA E-Invoice QR code?
We have found two effective apps currently that can scan QR code of ZATCA invoice.
E-Invoice QR Reader KSA (Android)
E-Invoice QR Reader KSA (iOS)

Q. Does this extension ready to be linked with government institutions?
A. Currently it’s not linked with ZATCA / government institute because ZATCA has not released any API’s for the public yet. This is the First Phase only. we have only added QR code which is compatible with e-invoice QR apps as required by ZATCA , The QR code in the default Magento invoice will only show data related to seller name, vat number & invoice details.

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Seller: AAlogics

Type: Stable build

Updated: Yes

Categories: Extensions, payment methods

License Type: Proprietary

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Release Notes v0.0.4 * fixed alignment and spacing issues , add "Tax Information" in default invoice v0.0.3 * added support for frontend guest / logged in user invoice print pdf
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