Magento 2 SMS Order Confirmation & Notification

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Magento 2 SMS Extension

Important features of SMS Notification :

  • Order Detail Page with custom status i.e SMS CONFIRMED.
  • Generic SMS gateway.
  • Telenor SMS Gateway.
  • Mobilink SMS Gateway.
  • Ufone SMS Gateway.
  • Twilio SMS Gateway.
  • Get verification of order by giving one-time passcode to the customer for a new order.
  • Allow confirmation of the order by entering OTP.
  • Provide SMS notification on order shipment - Shipment Notification
  • Provide SMS notification on order comment - Comment Notification
  • Provide SMS notification on order cancellation - Cancel Notification
  • Allow TWO WAY SMS - Send Delivery SMS To a specific customer.


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Compatible with  Magento 2.2.X , Magento 2.3.X, Magento 2.4.X ,



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Immediate and Live Magento 2 Extension of SMS Notification:

Willing to get customers and more increased sales for your business? You should understand the number one thing that separates a successful business from its competition all that comes down to is presence. But how are you going to do that? Its quite easy Magento 2 SMS Extension is the fastest growing means of connecting with your customers. Each message sent is highly targeted specifically to those who are waiting for their orders.


Making Customer Satisfied By This Extension Is The Best Strategy 

You can simply notify your customer about their status by a personalized and automated SMS Notification. We bind Magento with SMS gateway API for sending order placement and order shipment to your store customers.

This SMS Extension is very easy to use to all users. It makes you aware of all the activities that take place in your store. First, enable the extension from the control panel and select your favorite one telecommunication service provider like Twilio, ufone, telenor, mobilink and warid. All you need is to fill up the API key and credential given by the telecommunication company. You can then select an SMS template in which store admin fills data generated by order. Activate new order, compose the message and it automatically sends whenever new order placed.


  • Send a notification about activities like the placement of order or cancellation, invoice generation, etc.
  • Insert admin mobile number in the panel to get informed about customer's activities.
  • Make custom SMS template for different notifications such as order placement, invoicing of order, cancellation, shipment info, a credit contact inquiry, and many more.
  • Easily create a custom template with system variables like order_id, first_name, and email to make notification text.
  • Once the mobile number is registered, SMS alerts are sent for order activities.
  • Build support and develop the user experience by sending immediate SMS notifications to customers. 


General Configuration Guide

Setting Tab / Custom Template:

In this form you can provide the details as related to specific fields. Select SMS Gateway as TWILIO. Fill up the Sender Number and make 'Yes' to SMS code verifications to allow the message. Then you can easily make a custom template of your own choice, where you type a message to the customer for placing an order.


Configuration setting of sms extension



Select Your Leading Network Provider:

Instead of TWILIO you can use your SMS gateways provider like Telenor, ufone, warid and mobilink. In the SMS Mask field, send a message under the brand name with that variable. Create a custom message where you can insert customer first name, last name, number of order item, and total price. Simply hit the next button to get the verification code.


telenor sms gateway


One Time Password (OTP) Verification:

Simply complete the verification process through OTP. You will get instantly received a message within a second that is used one time for security purposes. You get information by SMS that contains order# and make sure to confirm the order by entering code.



verification code by sms extension


Get Your Order:

After completing all the easy step you can finally get a message and wait for your order that you purchased. See how easy it is.


OTP code by SMS magento extension


Activity Log For All Messages:

In this Activity log Database you can see all of your purchasing history, deliverd messages and failed messages.

Activity log by SMS notification of magento 2 extension



More Information
Technical Specifications


Seller: AAlogics

Integrator: Twilio

Type: Stable build

Updated: Yes

Categories: Extensions, sales processing

License Type: Proprietarys

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Release Notes version 1.2.0 Add Generic URL Sms Gateway Feature
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