Supplier Product Feeds Magento 2 Extension

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Important Features:

  • A complete module for Supplier Product Feeds Management
  • Automatically Import product feeds from the supplier of your choice via API (JSON/XML) OR FTP/SFTP/SSH/URL and Export to your Magento Store.
  • Auto Delete Expired Products, Full Import, New Import and Stock Import options via Cron jobs with frequency by minute, hour, day, week, month and year.
  • Product Feed includes category, description, price, image and other attributes
  • Dynamically adds many and unique products attributes
  • Update Product Feeds in Magento Store from Suppliers dynamically
  • Edit supplier product feeds according to your store.
  • Import large number of supplier product feeds 
  • Build your Magento store with up-to-date Supplier Product feeds.
  • Product feed will be extracted as per your desired store.
  • Dynamic product feeds feature saves time and effort.
  • Customers get up-to-date product feeds from your store.


  • Lifetime FREE extension Updates
  • Add more suppliers by yourself, or contact us.
  • No other extra or Hidden Charges.



ENTERPRISE : 2.2.X - 2.3.X - 2.4.X 


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Import Products from Supplier By Supplier Product Feeds Magento 2 Extension

The Supplier Product Feed Extension makes your life easy by importing and exporting all product feeds from multiple suppliers to your Magento store in an efficient way. This extension allows the admin to bulk import supplier product feed to your store in very minimal time from multiple suppliers. This Supplier Feed extension is an exceptional solution for your Magento store to grow some of the unique features of the import function. With one click, you can easily import all product feeds from suppliers.


This extension can import product data from suppliers of your own choice

Our Magento 2 developers can customize this extension for you to meet your needs and make you ahead in business. Now it's time for all the Magento shop owners to select the Supplier Products Feed Automation extension for your store. It will support you to enhance the import process related to all types of supplier product feeds in your Magento 2 store. Also, you can dynamically update product feeds to bring more attention to customers to your business.

We are giving support to our customers, let us notify you about your desired supplier which you love.

Supplier Feeds Extension Configuration Settings

You can add a new Supplier by clicking on add new Button then the Edit screen appears please see the screenshot below:


Automatically import Stock available on the supplier side

Automatically add new products supplier has added


You can full import products that saves time and effort

Delete expired products that the vendor has removed on your Magento store as well



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Seller: AAlogics

Type: Stable build

Updated: Yes

License Type: Proprietary

Categories: Extensions, automatic products feeds import

Release Notes v1.0.5
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