Magento 2 Supplier Feeds Extension - Automate & Simplify Product Data Import, Updates, & Supplier Order Management

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Boost your eCommerce efficiency with the Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) Supplier Feeds Extension. Automate product data import and updates from multiple suppliers seamlessly. This powerful extension supports:

  • URL,CSV, XML, API, FTP, and SFTP integrations
  • Accurate and real-time product synchronization
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Efficient supplier order management
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Effortless Magento store updates


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Import Products from Supplier By Supplier Product Feeds Magento 2 Extension

The Supplier Product Feed Extension makes your life easy by importing and exporting all product feeds from multiple suppliers to your Magento store in an efficient way. This extension allows the admin to bulk import supplier product feed to your store in very minimal time from multiple suppliers. This Supplier Feed extension is an exceptional solution for your Magento store to grow some of the unique features of the import function. With one click, you can easily import all product feeds from suppliers.


Important Features Benefits

Automatically Import product feeds from the supplier of your choice via API (JSON/XML) OR FTP/SFTP/SSH/URL and Export to your Magento Store.

Lifetime FREE extension Updates

Auto Delete Expired Products, Full Import, New Import and Stock Import options via Cron jobs with frequency by minute, hour, day, week, month and year.

Add more suppliers by yourself, or contact us.

Product Feed includes category, description, price, image and other attributes

No other extra or Hidden Charges.

Place Order To Supplier Using API


Import large number of supplier products


This extension can import product data from suppliers of your own choice

Our Magento 2 developers can customize this extension for you to meet your needs and make you ahead in business. Now it's time for all the Magento shop owners to select the Supplier Products Feed Automation extension for your store. It will support you to enhance the import process related to all types of supplier product feeds in your Magento 2 store. Also, you can dynamically update product feeds to bring more attention to customers to your business.

We are giving support to our customers, let us notify you about your desired supplier which you love.

Supplier Feeds Extension Configuration Settings

You can add a new Supplier by clicking on add new Button then the Edit screen appears please see the screenshot below:


Supplier Feed Grid




Supplier Statistics

Supplier Statistics

Supplier Information


Feed Information


Content Information


Stock Information


Price Information


Test Feed



Automatically Import Stock Available On The Supplier Side


Automatically Add New Products Supplier Has Added



All Products Import That Saves Time And Effort


Delete Expired Products That Vendor Has Removed

Overview Of Supplier Product Feeds Magento 2 Extension

AALogics supplier product feeds Magento 2 extension is a tool or module designed to manage product feeds within the Magento e-commerce platform. This Magento product feeds extension facilitates the process of importing the product feeds from the supplier data in various formats via API (JSON/XML) OR FTP/SFTP/SSH/URL and export to your Magento Store.

The Magento Product Feed extension allows you to create product feeds in Magento import format CSV, XML or JSON. It can collect and gather the necessary product information from your e-commerce store organize it into a structured feed. Moreover, it auto-deletes expired products, Full Import, New Import and Stock Import options via Cron jobs with frequency by minute, hour, day, week, month and year. It also updates product feeds in Magento Store from the supplier(s) dynamically.

Detailed Features Of Magento 2 Product Feed Extension

Our Magento 2 Product feeds are structured files that contain information about the products shared by suppliers, such as their, category, pricing, description, images and other attributes. Anyone can easily edit Supplier information, feed information, and content information and also do the test feed manually. The supplier information contains the supplier details, Name, contact, email country, and city.

The feed information contains the following feed details such as feed access FTP, Feed URL, additional options, get categories endpoint, get category products endpoint, get products detail endpoint, feed username, feed password, feed product nodes, feed format CSV, price margin %, full import disable. The content information contains the number, feed column, Magento Column, Rule, Rule Value and, Action.

The Feed Column contains SKU, name, price, URL, description, featured images, weight, categories, CPT stock, and attributes series. Magento Column contains SKU, Product Name, Price, URL Key, Description, Base, Weight, Categories, qty, and additional_attributes_series. These feeds are often used for integration with third-party platforms, comparing products of other e-commerce stores, marketing sites, or other marketing channels.

How Does Magento 2 Product Feed Benefit You?

AALogics Magento Product Feeds Extension is a powerful tool that helps businesses create and manage product feeds for marketing channels. This Supplier Product Feed module helps to manage, upload and operate product feeds.

With the help of this Supplier Product Feed extension, you can create data formats, create an unlimited number of data feeds and generate new feeds each time someone requests it. You can also customize the content and attributes included in the product feed. This can allow you to tailor the feed according to the requirements of the Magento e-commerce platform or marketing channel you are integrating with.

By using AALogics Magento product feed extension, you can efficiently manage your product data and distribute it to your e-commerce store. This enables you to reach a wider audience, increase your product visibility, and drive more traffic and sales to your online store. The customers will get up-to-date product feeds from your store.

This Magento Supplier product feed extension can save your time and effort by automating the feeding generation process. It is totally flexible as it can meet all your needs and requirements. You can easily import and export any product attributes including their different prices, using the dynamic product feeds feature. As there are multiple filters available to set up your feed.

This supplier product feed extension also allows you to configure your product feed depending on product characteristics or/and their key performance. As there is also an admin configuration for cron jobs. You can select execution mode(Manual / Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly) as per your requirement and convenience.

You can store data feed in API (JSON/XML), FTP/SFTP/SSH/UR, TXT, XML, or CSV file formats. From the admin panel, you can generate product feeds as per your requirement by selecting the list of fields. i.e., SKU, Product Title, Manufacturer, Category, Product URL, Image URL, Description, Sell Price, Availability, and Shipping Cost.

With the help of our Magento product feed extension, anyone can increase product visibility, streamline product updates, expand sales opportunities, enhance product availability, time and cost efficiency, and optimise detailed information of a product.



Q. What is a Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension?


A. A Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension is a tool designed to integrate and manage supplier data feeds within a Magento 2 eCommerce platform. It helps in automating the import and update of product information, inventory levels, and pricing from suppliers.


Q. How does the Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension work?


A. The extension typically works by importing XML, CSV, or other format data files provided by suppliers. It then maps these data fields to the corresponding Magento 2 database fields, allowing for automatic updates of product details, stock levels, and pricing.


Q. What are the benefits of using a Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension?


A. Benefits include:

- Automated updates of product information.

- Reduced manual data entry errors.

- Real-time inventory and pricing updates.

- Improved efficiency and time-saving in product management.

- Seamless integration with multiple suppliers.


Q. Can I customize the data import rules in the Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension?


A. Yes, most extensions offer customizable import rules. This allows you to define how supplier data is mapped to your Magento 2 store, including setting up filters, transformations, and schedules for automatic updates.


Q. Does the extension support multiple suppliers?


A. Yes, the Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension usually supports integration with multiple suppliers. You can manage feeds from different suppliers simultaneously and apply different rules and schedules for each one.


Q. Is it possible to schedule automatic imports with the Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension?


A. Yes, you can schedule automatic imports. This feature enables you to set specific times for the extension to fetch and update data from supplier feeds, ensuring your store always has the latest product information.


Q. What file formats are supported by the Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension?


A. Commonly supported file formats include XML, CSV, TXT, and JSON. However, support for additional formats may vary depending on the specific extension.


Q. How do I handle errors during the data import process?


A. Most Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extensions come with error handling and logging features. These tools help you identify and resolve issues by providing detailed error messages and logs, ensuring smooth data import processes.


Q. Can I preview the data before importing it into my Magento 2 store?


A. Yes, many extensions offer a preview feature. This allows you to review the supplier data before it is imported, helping you ensure accuracy and make necessary adjustments beforehand.


Q. Is it possible to filter and transform supplier data before importing?


A. Yes, advanced Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extensions provide filtering and transformation capabilities. You can apply conditions and modify data (e.g., price adjustments, category assignments) before it is imported into your store.


Q. How do I install and configure the Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension?


A. Installation typically involves downloading the extension package, uploading it to your Magento 2 installation, and running a series of commands via the command line interface. Configuration is done through the Magento 2 admin panel, where you can set up data mappings, schedules, and other preferences.


Q. Are there any performance impacts on my Magento 2 store when using this extension?


A. Properly optimized Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extensions are designed to minimize performance impacts. However, the actual impact can vary based on the volume of data, frequency of updates, and server capabilities. Regular performance monitoring is recommended.


Q. Is technical support available for the Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension?


A. Yes, most providers of Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extensions offer technical support, which may include documentation, FAQs, email support, and live chat. It's advisable to check the support terms before purchasing or installing an extension.


Q. What should I consider when choosing a Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension?


A. Key considerations include:

- Compatibility with your Magento 2 version.

- Support for required file formats.

- Customization options.

- Performance efficiency.

- Availability of support and documentation.

- Reviews and ratings from other users.


Q. Can I use the Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extension for dropshipping?


A. Yes, many Supplier Feeds Magento 2 Extensions are suitable for dropshipping. They help automate the import and update of product information from dropshipping suppliers, streamlining the management of a dropshipping business.



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