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Order search by phone number is a unique Magento 2 extension that speedup your searching functionality. Allow you to search query by setting a filter to a Phone number and get instant order details. Magento store owners can navigate multiple orders at the same time by filtering Phone numbers.

Order Search By Phone Extension Features:

  • Search by country code 
  • Not necessary to insert complete number
  • Fetch order details fastly by Phone number
  • Show exact relevant order details against the Phone number.
  • Shown in the filters tab


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  • Free 30 Days support
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Compatible with Magento 2.1.X , Magento 2.2.X , Magento 2.3.X, Magento 2.4.X


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Rapid Search Against Phone Number In Magento 2 Dashboard:

In Magento 2 default options don't include search order by Phone number. So considering this basic need, we craft an order to search by phone number extension. It helps you to fetch order information against the phone number. You don't need to get a user id or any other data, Only you need to check the customer Phone number and get all of the other information at one search.


Web-based shopping is one of the incredible advancements we have seen with the development of technology. There are a large number of orders that are placed around the world. What's more, when somebody orders a desired good, the main thing they need to know is when will they get their order. They need to be updated with their order status at all times. 


Order Search By TelePhone Number is a Magento plugin that provides your customers with real-time access to view search query by setting a filter to a Phone number and get instant order details.


 This extension makes it easier for the customers to track the phone number and their details.


 Order Search By TelePhone Number plugin enables the customers to view order info just by searching the telephone number. In order to make the processing of orders more transparent and clear, this plugin allows your customers to check their order status quickly by just using their phone number.


 This module gives the store admin the option to monitor the number of customers who order their status through their phone number. In order to track and view how many customers actually viewed their order information for a certain time period, Order Search By TelePhone Number extension backend’s functionality helps the store admin to get a better insight of what is going on.


Why We Need Order Search By Phone Number:

The main goal of admin cannot achieve until the order successfully delivers to customers. Sometimes customers want to change their product, willing to cancel an order or any other detail about the item purchased without having personal data. This order search by Phone number extension is ideal in this situation. Admin inserted the number which the user calls at the store and inform the product details.


Q) Is it necessary to enter a complete number during the search?

A) Not, you don't have to enter a complete number. You can type exactly a few digits instead of full.


Q) Can we type phone number in 'search by keyword' or it only works in the filter tab?

A) Order Search by Phone Number extension will fetch order details when you insert numbers in filter tab>>telephone number.


Q) Will it show order details on country code?

A) Yes, If you type country code it will show all orders details related to code. In this way, you can also know how many orders are in process from a particular country.


Q) How many editions supported by this extension?
A) This extension support both i.e Magento 2 Open Source and Magento 2 Commerce.

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