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  • Odoo module task also provides project management. With this module, the daily basis projects can be managed easily.
  • Check your daily tasks. Any employee can check their day-to-day task.
  • Track projects and tasks. Each employee can keep track of his/her projects and daily tasks.
  • The duration of the hours can be calculated. 
  • Every task and project description can be mentioned individually.
  • The total score of the task can also be calculated.
  • Task Estimation is one of the most important factors of this module. It provides an efficient way to estimate the task and provides an overview of the project that is underprocessed.

Task Scoring And Management Module

This Odoo module tasks scoring allows every employee to record and monitor his/her daily task and manage the day-to-day task. It is the only task tool that you can need for task management and organizing your projects.

This task manager helps you organize individuals and team tasks in one shared place. With this Odoo module tasks scoring management, it is easy to collaborate with the team, and also the score of the employees can also be calculated.

The Odoo module tasks scoring can be used for assigning a project and tracking a specific task. The score of any employee can be calculated easily and automatically based on the progress and completion of the respective task.

By checking the performance and efficiency of the task the productivity of the employee can be increased. We have also developed many other useful extensions including Odoo integration for Magento 2.

How To Get Started With The Task

You can break down the project into creating the project, assigning the project, and at last organizing the project. You can also set priorities in your projects.

odoo module tasks scoring management started with the task


If you mark a star on your task it is set to high priority. The task is automatically moved to the top of the column.


Odoo Module Tasks Scoring

The Odoo module tasks scoring can be used for efficient task management. Anyone can customize the process of any project in the timesheet. 

Also, the smart advance filters can help in searching the tasks and projects easily. The detailed history can also be viewed by checking the dates column.

How Task Score Is Calculated

This Odoo module tasks scoring can show the clear progression of every employee. Every employee’s score is given by calculating the total score of each employee. It is calculated by adding the due date score, the client’s feedback score, and the planned hour’s score.

task score

Task Scoring Criteria

When you create a task and write down the project details. The Odoo module tasks scoring receives it and starts calculating the task score according to the schedule. 

The schedule includes the due date, planned hours, and the client’s feedback. With a total score of 10, it is further divided into 3,3, and 4 scores respectively. 

Based on the passing of the due date, the score of the task is reduced. Also, if the client’s feedback came in negative it became the reason for low scoring. Since anyone can track the days delayed for the task. The employee can easily know the reasons for the delays in each of the projects.


Check Your Productivity

The Odoo module tasks scoring shows the clear achievement of the individual employees. The performance report can be easily shared with the employee. 

The different levels of the score can also be edit for instance the due date can be updated at the request of the employee, the client feedback and planned hours can also be edited as per the request. 

One of the main benefits of using this Odoo module tasks scoring is that it can be used for checking the productivity of each and every employee.

Allows Self Service For Employees

The Odoo module task score tells every employee the score of his/her timesheet and tasks. An employee can easily check the score of the timesheets and tasks. 

The self-service option for employees can make the life of HR easier as in large companies it is difficult to check records of all the employees. 

Any employee can request to edit the timesheet and tasks. The Odoo module tasks scoring also has a very advanced filter with it anyone can view the score of tasks. 

All the information can be viewed, if each employee input the information by manual attendance or biometric attendance. Since there is already an Odoo module for attendance policy management developed by AAlogics.

Benefits Of Odoo Module Tasks Scoring

One of the most important characteristics of Odoo module tasks scoring is that it tells every employee its productivity and working hours. It can be used as a tool for accessing employee performance.

The performance of every employee is calculated and can be seen crystal clear. There is no need to visit different departments to approve your tasks.

Once your project is determined the Odoo module tasks scoring starts calculating your due date, clients feedback and planned hours. You can also apply for an update request if your due date or client’s feedback is changed.


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