Odoo Module for Payroll Management

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  • Check your payslip. Any employee can easily calculate their payroll slips.
  • The most important factor of this module is that it can generate the monthly salary report without any error.
  • Calculate the employee working days including the number of days and number of hours.
  • It is easy for HRs to send emails to individuals with their salary slips.
  • This module provides an easy way for HR to check the payrolls of all the employees.
  • With the help of the advance filter, anyone can check their records including their basic salary, salary deduction, work history, overtime, attendance, wages, bank accounts, bonuses, commissions, and loans.
  • The Odoo payroll management can also keep the data and records of all employees in one place.

Fully Automated Odoo Module Payroll Management

The Odoo module payroll management allows employees to check the monthly salary without any issues. It can do payroll calculation, payslip generation, check employee details, account, and salary management.


There is no need to fill any type of form. All you need to do is click the payroll button. Payroll management is one of the Odoo extensions developed by our expert Odoo developers.

If someone forgets his/her attendance he or she can review the information and make corrections manually. Every company calculates salaries every month based on the various parameters and elements set by the company. Following are the key elements for generating a salary slip.

The parameters/elements can be sick leave, paid leaves, company-approved vacations, late, loan, tax deduction, overtime, bonuses, commission, and many more.


The Odoo module payroll management is such a platform that allows to set the parameters and generate the payroll based on the rules and regulations of the company salary criteria. 

The monthly payroll salary slip provides all the information regarding the salary details including pay cuts and other deductions like leave, loans, tax, and many more. 

The salary slip can also provide the information of addition in salaries like bonuses, commissions, and overtime. All subtraction and addition of your salary are calculated automatically. 

There is no need to manually calculate the salary. The employee can also view the days he or she works. All the details and information about the working days can be viewed easily.

odoo module payroll managment

Salary Rules Category

The salary rules define how the salary is calculated. The different categories (unique code) of the salary rules are basic salary, overtime, bonuses, commission, attendance deduction, loan deduction, tax, net salary, gross salary, extra. In the salary rules category, the unique code is used for further salary calculation. 

Odoo module payroll management can also allow HR to update the salary rules. For example, HR can include any new rule and apply it to all the employees. 

This Odoo module payroll management allows every employee to access the salary deduction rules and criteria so that anyone can learn the reason for the salary deduction. This payroll management is easy to use and can be learned within a few minutes.

odoo module payroll management policy

Calculate Salary After Addition And Other Deductions

After an employee’s gross salary has been determined, the payroll management automatically calculates the salary after the deductions such as loans, leave, and taxes.

odoo module payroll management salary structure

It also calculates the addition in the salary such as bonuses, commissions, overtime, and many more. According to the salary rules, the amount addition and deduction are subtracted and added automatically in the salary. There is no need to calculate manually.

Keep Records Of The Employees

Also, the payroll management can keep the records of the employee. Including account information, overtime, leaves, commissions, bonuses, and many other things.

odoo module payroll management salary slip

This payroll management is designed in such a way that it generates the slip of each employee’s salary, keeps track of the working hours, attendance, delivers the payslip report to each employee, calculates the salary, and other deductions.

Odoo Module Payroll Management Salary Slip

The only thing that an employee needs to input is the wage information and working hours only. And this can be done by biometric attendance or manually check-in check-out. Since our dedicated Odoo developers have created numerous extensions anyone can check it out easily.


Generate Payslip Report

One of the most important things about this payroll management is that it generates a salary payslip with password-protected PDF reports and mail to the individual employee. There is no need to select each employee.

odoo module payroll management salary slip monthly

odoo module payroll management images email template

Benefits Of Odoo Module Payroll Management

Using this Odoo module payroll management can save time and eliminate human errors. The payslip can be generated within a few seconds. Also, the day-to-day tasks can be monitored without any issues. 

Without involving a third party or outsourcing the HR can easily check the details of the respective employee. The whole salary payment can become organized, streamlined, centralized, and automated.

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