TRAX Logistic Shipping Magento 2 Extension

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TRAX Logistic Shipping Magento 2 Extension
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Amazing Features Of TRAX Shipping Extension Include

  • API integration by Trax Logistic Shipping.
  • Shipment Creation with Trax Logistic Shipping Tracking Number.
  • Customers can check whether their location is eligible or not.
  • Sandbox testing environment with error log report.
  • The complete form of Store Owner information.
  • Both voice and without voice shipment methods.
  • Integration of Google Map.
  • Smart drop-down Pakistan cities.
  • Cash on delivery to your shipping methods by Link.

Benefits Of Trax Shipping Extension:

  • Convenient payment method for customers.
  • Acquiring new customers tends to increase in sales.
  • Built loyalty and send of trust among users.




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Reliable Trax Logistic Shipping Extension

Trax Cash on delivery extension imports purchase goods being paid for when the order reached their destination. Generally, this payment method is secure and beneficial to those who tend to be distrustful of online banking methods, particularly when ordering online and want to save themselves from online fraud. Hence, COD extension still is a very traditional payment system that is a reliable choice among customers.

Factors Of Extension That Help You

  • Flexible Modifying Limitations

Depending on your requirements, select the option Cash on Delivery validates customer’s information. Implement constraints to either billing or shipping location by managing a separate setting.


  • Setting The Delivery Type Restrictions

Make Cash on Delivery available only for specific shipping methods for the extra comfort of both the owner and the customer.


  • Show Precise Messages Related To Order

Based on customer postal code this extension display both the success messages and failure messages of Cash on Delivery availability.

Installation Guide

If you want to enable this COD extension go products and enable it from there. Fill up the Trax Credentials form with appropriate information. Your Trax API, password, and other authentication details which are provided you by Trax logistics.

TRAX Logistic Shipping screen after integration

This screen is for tracking the parcel through a link where you can find shipper address, consignee information, and tracking history.


TRAX Logistic tracking

Once you completing the step you will see their Trax setting from admin. Where you generate the Trax number and select your living city.

TRAX Logistic extension cities selection menu


You can easily enable google map by the Google Map API

TRAX Logistic Shipping Magento 2 google map intergration

At this screen you will see complete information about shipper. So fill it precisely.

trax cod module store owner information


Making confirmation of the shipment process, If you are ready to go mark your destination city.

trax cod module confirmation


Trax Extension provides all details on this screen. You see the customer information and the order history. The payment and shipping method also are shown.


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Release Notes version 1.0.1
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