Timesheet Quality Tracking

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Timesheet Quality Odoo:


The timesheet tracking module has the following features that can be very helpful for users.

  • Restrict the users to add invalid timesheet hours.
  • Once the check-in and check-out is completed the user can not edit his/her timesheet.
  • Only the admin of the module can edit the timesheet once the check-in & check-out is completed.
  • If an employee spends 9 hours he or she can not write 10 working hours in the duration column.
  • The employees' progress & performance can be calculated through the timesheet.
  • The project timeline can also be calculated through the timesheet.

Odoo Community Edition Version 13, 14 and 15
Odoo Enterprise Version 13, 14 and 15

Timesheet Quality Tracking Module:

It is a separate module for the timesheet quality tracking and management. The module helps to restrict the user to add timesheet hours more than their working hours.

Using this Timesheet Quality Tracking module will help to record all the served time of the employees on their specific jobs and projects with ease.

It is a fast and accurate timesheet management system for tracking timesheet hours.

If you are a project manager you can easily manage the time entries of your team. It also helps to easily track hours spent on particular projects

All projects, tasks, and information, are stored directly in the timesheet. It helps to keep things clear and easily accessible.

Steps & Description

The First step is to do the check-in

Check-in from the biometric device or manually or any other attendance system installed in your company.

Enter into the timesheet app

Go to the Timesheet app and add a timesheet of the current day.

An employee can add description, project, task, and duration (hours). You can see an additional field of input time which is not editable; it is actually the time that is calculated from working hours of attendance.

Save the timesheet

Press on the save button to save the timesheet if the duration of hours you added is greater than your working hours it shows an error

Reduce the duration hours of the timesheet as compared to your working hours it will then save

Check out

Checkout from a biometric device or manually or any other attendance installed in your company. See the timesheet you added earlier. The time is automatically adjusted according to the threshold value defined in timesheet settings.

More Information
Technical Specifications

Install our module from the app and it is ready to use. Set the threshold value in settings as per your need. By default it is set to 80

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