Medical and Healthcare Magento 2 Theme

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healthlogics theme
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Features That Include In Healthlogics Theme:

  • Increase patient engagement
  • Shows hospitals and clinics near you
  • Address consumer-driven demand
  • Doctors Biography will be visible including specialty, degree, and timing.
  • Search by doctor name and department
  • Search results while typing
  • Choose consultant
  • Live session for a checkup
  • Feedback of doctors will be shown
  • Enhance patient experience
  • Virtual Nursing Assistant tab
  • Dosage timing alert
  • Electronics prescription print for medicines
  • Booking appointment online
  • History of a patient and medical report 
  • Reduce your cost and time

This Template is for demonstration purposes only, All features are available after customization. Installation and customization charges include and possibly take 3-4 weeks or less. We are ready to give professional support at any time, Try Free Quote from here.

Medical And Health Care Evolution By Healthlogics:


Advancement in technology and telecommunication is bringing massive growth and all people are searching almost all their needs online. For this reason, we created a customizable healthlogics template for patients who can take the benefits of their illness by reaching out to doctors. There’s a lot you can do online when it comes to taking care of your health. From apps to help you boost your well-being to potentially connecting with your GP surgery. 


Unique Telemedicine Solution For IT Health Care And Pharmacist By Healthlogics Template:


The option of booking appointments with your GP surgery, doctors related to your disease, and prescriptions will be available online by using the Healthlogics template. And, also, you’ll be able to access a summary of your medical record online, along with other services and information, through just one customizable website design. Your medical record will be more joined upbringing together information held by your GP practice, any hospitals you visit, and eventually any social and community care services that you access. The record will also be available to appropriate professionals involved in your care, so they can securely share and see your information - whenever this is useful. Joining things up in this way could help improve the support you receive, and your healthcare experience. Having access to your medical record could make you more informed about your healthcare and your conditions, and help you manage them better.


Highly Focused Health Industry Theme:


Healthlogics personalize Design is ushering in a new era of health care fundamentally changing how and where medical decisions are made and treatment is rendered through an online website. We have begun to recognize the importance of treating patients remotely. Significantly reducing the cost as well as improving the quality of care.  


After customization of the health logics template for Magento 2, you will get many useful features. Patients can see the total number of patients treated by doctors, plain and highly visible call to action buttons for scheduling visits, and book an appointment. You can also publish a blog post at a separate blog tab. customizable header and footer with excellent navigation and menus.


Our Design Contributes In Virtual Health Care Industry:


We are providing customizations of layouts, blocks, and templates. Our developers ensure that all extensions and features working properly. By the healthlogics template, you can it's easy to automate business processes.

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