Magento Pakistan's Cities Extension

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Pakistan's Cities Extension
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Magento store as a matter, of course, offers clients to choose nation and territory from a drop-down rundown. Thus, we have made this expansion to remember a drop-down rundown for the city field if any state/territory of Pakistan is chosen.

Important Factors of This Extension

  • This extension gives a straightforwardness to the clients so they don't need to type in the city field. 
  • In the event that any state/territory of Pakistan is chosen, a drop-down rundown in the city field is made accessible that contains all the urban areas just for that particular chosen state/region. This limits the client from entering invalid data in the city field.

Compatible with Magento 1.8x, 1.9x and 2.X.X 


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Magento Cities Extension For Pakistani Customers

Magento store offers clients to choose their nation and state/territory on delivery and charging structures anyway there is no drop down determination available for the city field as a matter of course and clients need to type in the, We have made an expansion that permits the client to choose their city from a drop-down list. This gives the simplicity to the clients while limiting them from entering mistaken or invalid data in the city field.

Property Of Pakistan's Cities Extension

Customer Convenience

At the point when the client chooses any state/region of Pakistan, a drop down city list shows up, So the client doesn't need to type in the field.

Limitation Of Entering False Details

In the event that a state/territory of Pakistan is chosen, a drop-down rundown will show up in the city field that comprises all the urban areas for that particular chosen state/region, this limits the clients from entering off base or invalid data.

Magento Pakistan's Cities Extension

In this image, we can see that there are all the cities of Pakistan that will be selected by the user without typing it.

Magento Extension For Pakistan's Cities

It is clearly shown in the above picture that the user is selecting the state/Province in the drop-down menu from which he belongs.

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