Leopards Courier Shipping Magento 2 Extension

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Leopards Courier Shipping Magento 2 Extension
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Salient Features Of The Leopards COD Magento 2 Extension:

  • Integration by Leopards Courier shipping API.
  • You can create a shipment method by Leopards courier.
  • All Pakistan state and cities Sync automatically.
  • Error log report helps in the Sandbox testing environment.
  • Details of the owner store.
  • Shipment both with an invoice and without an invoice.
  • Integration of Google Map.
  • Dropdown menu of Pakistan cities.


Benefits Of Leopards COD Extension:

  • Admin can enable and disable the feature of a COD transaction.
  • Effortless configuration and installation of the module.
  • Compatible with many payment cards.
  • Provide tracking of orders.
  • You can trace the shipping via email.
  • A user-friendly and easily manageable environment of the backend.




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Importance Of LCS Shipping Extension In Your Business:


The most economical mode of transactional methods for online webshops is Cash On Delivery. Is seems that most of the time customers don't want to pay before they see the product in their hand. Many countries will follow this method, this is a common option with internal-based retailers because it is so straightforward to set up for small businesses and does not require a bank account or credit card information.


Countless small and medium online businesses prefer COD payment systems instead of credit card options. Sometimes several areas have facilities of COD and few have not. So this extension is the perfect choice for store owners.


Best Cash On Delivery Extension For Your Business:


AALogics Leopard shipping extension for Magento 2 gives a set of flexible settings that provide easy shipment procedures and payment methods in a more convenient way for both shoppers and merchants. In this extension you will get an amazing user-friendly backend so that Magento admins can easily manage every option with respect to their particular needs. With the AAlogics extension installed on a Magento store, customers can swiftly check all important information about cash on delivery payments before the checkout process. By using this extension you will increase customer satisfaction and strengthen connections with your clients, which drives to higher conversion rates and boost profit.

Configuaration Guide

After integration you can enable LCS shipping extesion by admin panel. At panel you get many variable like allowing sandbox testing, inserting LCS API key, API password, API format and URL of API and tracking.

lcs shipping screen

Once the customer places the order, It is provided tracking URL which keeps update the shipping process.

tracking order by lcs extension


From LCS setting at backend you can easily enter the city with the help of drop-down menu.

lcs payment method window

Leverage by google map integration which allows putting address precisely.

lcs google map integration

Complete store owner information includes shipper email, address, name, and many more. You can add special instructions as well.

store information in leopards courier module

Finally admin can also insert the correct city and it will ask for final confirmation of the order.

confirmation by lcs module



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Seller: AAlogics

Integrator: LCS

Type: Stable build

Updated: Yes

Categories: Extensions, shipping methods

License Type: Proprietary

Release Notes version 1.0.1
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